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Real Estate Photography Pricing Details

Successful agents know that the images that they display depict their brand, and that their listing inventory should be consistent with the quality of service they offer. 


Properties up to 2000 sq/ft = $140

Properties up to 3000 sq/ft = $175

Properties up to 4000 sq/ft = $250

Properties up to 5000 sq/ft = $325

For properties over 5000 sq feet - Contact for details 

** The above pricing estimates do not include finished basements and properties with an in the ground swimming pool, both of which take more time to shoot.

Pricing Factors:

There are many factors to consider in the process of establishing your photo shoot price. There's drive time, on site shooting time, wear and tear on my vehicle, post processing time, computer equipment, computer software and maintaining my website and photo storage backup.   


Payment by check or cash is expected at the photo shoot site unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Pricing and service charges are subject to change without notice

Additional Charges:

. Finished basements take more time to shoot and will require an extra charge

. $50 minimum rate for exterior photos only

. $150 for Twilight exterior photos

. Travel cost and time over 30 miles round trip from Budd Lake, $1.00 per mile         

. In the ground pools take more time to shoot and will require an extra charge

Each Session Includes

. A shoot will take from 1 - 2 hours to complete depending on size of property 

. 12 - 25 photos depending on the size of the property   

. MLS sized photos, print sized copies both sent to you via DropBox

. Post processing, color correction, enhancement and more

. All photos will be available on my website for viewing as a slideshow

. Secure on-line payment through PayPal

If you have any further questions, please visit my F.A.Q page.

Gene Moretti

Phone: 973-479-3360